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Here's a clever little product that goes undetected, until one day you try it and life is never quite the same!

So much JOY from a little toothpick. Have you tried one yet?

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Yes, yes, yes. Excellent product.


I love the feel of these as you brush in between your teeth. Quite unique.

Robert B

Dentists love this product, here’s what one had to say recently ...‘I am a dentist (in NSW) and I have just seen a patient with wonderful healthy gums around her implants. She found your product in an airport.’

Dentist in NSW

These are a great solution for me when I don't have floss handy. Highly recommended.


I love the brushmax but I found the plastic used in the biodegrable version a bit too soft for me.

Jerry F

I always have a pack in my handbag. So handy.

Janet P

Greatly improves on the old style wood toothpicks that would splinter easily.

Graham P

Its a life saver. I always seem to get some food stuck in my teeth and I'm always looking for a toothpick. Now I carry these in my bag all the time.


This thing is the best. I just love it. The Brushmax one really gets in the nooks and crevices of my teeth. So good!